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1) Running Warm-up


2) Sprinter Hamstring Stretch, 60 seconds per side


Standing Calf Stretch, 60 seconds per side


TRANSITION (15:00-20:00)

Final prep for the run



5k Run (Time)

Max Effort 5k Run

Long running session and aerobic test. This is the most commonly programmed workout on and speaks volumes on general work capacity. Encourage athletes to attend this session in any manner that works for your gym.

SCALING (ideally athletes do not go beyond 30 minutes here)

1) Intermediate

Complete the 5k with a mix of running and walking as needed

2) Novice

Run/walk 10 minutes and then Run/walk another 10 minutes trying to cover the same distance. An easy way to do this would be to run 10 minutes “”out”” and then try to cover the distance back in the same time.

Cool Down

Post workout (timeframes will vary depending upon the speed of the athletes 5k

1) Stretch Calves and Hamstrings

2) Core work of choice

3) Skill work of choice